Residential SolarIn recent times our state has experienced continual price surges in the electricity supply industry. In July 2013 Electricity prices rose 22.6%. We are committed to helping families find alternative ways to reduce their electricity usage. Installing a PV Grid connect solar system is an affordable option which will benefit you and the environment by creating your own green electricity, and reducing your electricity costs!

Dean is a experienced and qualified Solar installer and also has 15 years experience as an electrical tradesman. You will benefit greatly from an appointment with him! 

  • A CEC Accredited electrician will inspect your home, electricity usage and lifestyle to find a system most suited to your needs
  • Save money on your electricity bill, while generating your own clean electricity
  • Have peace of mind that a qualified Electrician has inspected your home, and there will be no hidden or extra costs after the install
  • Enjoy a stress-free installation experience, knowing that our team is qualified and experienced
  • If you are unsure of how much a solar system could save you, our experienced installer will audit your home energy needs and calculate an estimate of your yearly savings

Please give Dean a call on 0439 989 976 today to arrange a site visit and advice for your solar system.